Monday, March 26, 2012

@RitaOra on what it's like to hang with Jay & Bey

Jay's newest star Rita Ora is finally getting some love from the airwaves. It looks like her fans are FINALLY about to get their fix. It's odd calling her "new" as she's been signed to Roc Nation for like ever, but sometimes these things take time.

She was patient with the process and now has released her first single, RIP. On top of her single, a few other records have made their way onto the internet and radio, Party & Bullsh*t being one that she actually premiered with Jay Z in New York. It's been a whirlwind  Im sure as everything is finally picking up full speed for the vibrant singer.

In the below interview fans really get a sneak peek at Rita's adorable personality. She's extremely jittery which sorta fits for her and how cute is this accent!?

She seems very genuine in nature and when asked about what it's like to hang out with Jay & Bey, she responds that its just like "hanging with your friend, its normal.."

Rita also opens up about her relationship with Rob Kardashian, her 21st birthday, and Gwen Stefani.

Interesting enough, Rob was just arrested Sunday night (but soon released) after he chased down a pap who captured him having a pretty heated argument with Rita in the streets them not being an item..............?

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