Monday, March 19, 2012

@Rihanna's Main Piece @MForde11 Joins Twitter!

Since we can remember, if you happen to see Rihanna anywhere (or even a photo of her) you're almost guaranteed to see one person- her bff Melissa. Over the years people have tried to understand their close and affectionate relationship.

Some bloggers even suspected a romantic relationship of some sort between the two of them. I don't know what the ramifications of their relationship are, but I do know they're inseparable! Rihanna is quoted as crediting Melissa with being the best person and her closest confidant.

Well finally after a couple of years, Melissa has joined Rihanna's side once again- this time by joining her bff on twitter! When a fan asked Melissa how she felt about Rihanna's recent collaborations with her ex Chris Brown- Mel's response exemplifies how close they are:

"She bleeds I bleed! #thatsmyb*tch"

Hmmmmmmm Im not sure if that is in reference to the altercation or if she's just simply saying she rides with her bff and whatever she wants, but it was a pretty intense answer!

 Rihanna tweeted a salute to her bff after a few fun photos of the two of them on a plane.

"My bffffff>>>>>>>>>>>>>other bf's tbh"

Well, welcome Melissa! Enjoy the Navy, as you can see..they are coming!! Some more photos of Rihanna & Melissa below.




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