Saturday, March 3, 2012

@Rihanna Speaks on Relationships, Grammys, and her @OfficialAdele Obsession! {Vid}

Rih Rih is so fun! She made another trip to the very popular Jonathon Ross Show while over seas recently and was spot on with the wit. Rihanna talked about everything from what type of guy she can't stand (pushover), to her odd obsession with Adele.

I think we all can admit to slightly being obsessed with Adele at the moment, but something in Rihanna's eyes tells me she is very serious. Jonathon low key flirted with her the entire time and Rihanna got right back at him with the tease. She mentioned that she hates being single and was quite bashful to respond to Jonathon question as to whether or not she is a sex pot..yes. He asked that.

Check out the full interview below!

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