Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rihanna-Officially Back to Brown & takes the Navy Behind the Scenes

Rih Rih is currently shooting a video for her next single Where Have You Been from her latest release  Talk That Talk.  She and dancers have  been boasting since last week about how dope the choreography is and how much fans will love it! Last night, Rihanna let fans in on a little more of the video by posting the above photo of her tiny frame posing on set.

To her fans (Rihanna Navy)'s surprise, Rih Rih is no longer blonde! For the WHYB video the Bajan beau is back to brown/black hair. Rihanna is known to change her hair color like once every other day. Nobody can see her on rocking different color hair and looking fab in all of it!

When it comes to switching up her look, Rihanna is the queen of doing so! She's a celeb who has been revered in hair and fashion as a trend setter, and for good reason! She's always on point..when she's on! For the heck of it and to prove my point, check out the many looks of Rihanna over the years, her hair-volution below! What's your favorite color for her? I think black or red really works for her eyes (which Im just realizing are beautiful!).

And Because I love the Navy..a lil exxxxxxtra..

A few months ago Rihanna shot an exclusive behind the scenes to show her fans what tour life and making TTT was really like from her eyes. She took them home to her native Barbados, introduced them to fans, and explained how difficult it is to do as much work as she does. In the video she opens up about crying so much one night into her pillow from the stress.

Awww Rih Rih! Thanks for going hard for your fans!

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