Friday, March 9, 2012

New Music: @ChrisBrown How I Feel

Chris Brown has been in the news in recent weeks mainly due to the alleged love triangle between him, his ex girlfriend Rihanna, and his current girlfriend Karrueche.

The media has sent him letters, tweets, spoken to him via tv, all to get him to not be with Rihanna, or to change his seemingly erratic behavior. Some people were actually rooting for Chris & Rihanna, but just when they thought it was safe to trust his behavior again, he was allegedly the main suspect in a very faulty  incident where a woman in Miami accused him  of stealing her cell phone.

It was interesting to see how people jumped on Chris and very few people (as I did) stepped back & thought, something isn't right about this. While Chris remains mum about the case- it has sort of just disappeared. No one has heard anything about it.

After sitting back and listening to everybody talk about his personal life, watching the woman he used to date act out on twitter allegedly for his affection, and his watching his current girlfriend be ridiculed left and right, Chris stops for a minute to let us in on how he feels.

The track speaks about Chris' tumultuous childhood. He talks about him watching his mom be beat almost to death, and even mentions how at nineteen he went through a tragedy (the situation with Rihanna). He really goes in on an emotional level, really giving the listener an inside look at what he feels.

I'm rooting for Chris, hoping he's getting some help in managing his anger and frustrations. He's so talented and so young! Check out how he feels below.

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