Friday, March 2, 2012

Mike Epps' Daughter Calls Police on Him [Audio]

There are so many unanswered questions in this situation yet, but the story goes this way..

Actor/Commedien Mike Epps appeared on the Wendy Williams show and while on it acknowledged his 2 children. Problem is, Mike has more than 2 children. This didn't sit well with one of them, 18 yr. old Bria Epps.

She called her father after the show to let him know, and things escalated. According to Bria, her dad threatened to "F*ck her up", after she told him she was going to expose some family secrets.

People close to Mike says this started way before the Wendy Williams show, but it started when he refused to give Bria cash to pay tuition and insisted on paying the school directly.  The audio seems to be the end of a conversation and not an entire convo. Why Bria chose to record it and or only release that portion of it makes her look as though she's plotting against her dad.

Hope this doesn't get too ugly. Bria is 18 years old. He is really speaking to her like a chic off of the street. I hope they both get help.

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