Monday, March 5, 2012

Lil Wayne Gives Yet Another Rock- Dhea Shows Off ENORMOUS Stone

Looks like Weezy is smitten!

 He's always on his twitter page talking about his new girlfriend Dhea. She's been seen everywhere on his arm. From private vacations, to shows, even to his daughter's huge Sweet 13 birthday party! You KNOW you're special when he brings you around the entire family!

On Valentines Day the twitter world went CRAZY when Wayne tweeted  "She said yes!" the tweet was immediately retweeted by Birdman & Mack Maine. This led everyone to believe that Wayne had finally popped the question to Dhea!

He came back on his twitter page the next day to clear the air by saying, he just asked her to be his valentine, and we all dismissed it, but these photos suggest otherwise!! Dhea and Weezy were spotted at the game this weekend looking all lovey dovey! Joining them was a massive ring! Massive! 

Wayne is still showing her mad love on his twitter page, and even though he insisted that it wasn't an engagement looks like one to us that Dhea has joined the ranks of a select few women who have gotten....the ring.

..The question is.. can she get the wedding?! 

They look really comfy together and happy! Has Wayne finally found the one!??


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