Friday, March 23, 2012

@KingJames, @DwyaneWade, & Miami Heat Stand in Tribute for #TrayvonMartin

Lebron James posted this photo on his Facebook page with the caption:
We Are Trayvon Martin. Hoodies. Stereotyped. We Want Justice.

Very powerful statement and from such powerful people in our society- pro athletes. For the Heat to stand  together hoodied up for Trayvon is a great site to see.

Along with this photo other athletes and celebs have tweeted, posted, or shared their feelings about this situation. As his teammate, D. Wade also has joined the movement changing his twitter profile to this photo in support of justice for Trayvon.

The good in horrible situations like this one is that, people come together.  I'm certain justice will be served to the individuals responsible for Trayvon's death, and the mishandling of this case following his demise.

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