Friday, March 2, 2012

@KimKardashian, @KourtneyKardash, & @KhloeKardashian Being Sued for 5 Million #Ouch

Wowzers, the Kardashians are being sued again, this time for their other assets. According to the lawsuit being reported by TMZ, a few purchasers of the diet pill Quicktrim feel stiffed by the sisters and the company making them.

The group of people have determined that the pill can not actually have helped the sisters slim down so much because it's main ingredient is caffeine and according to the FDA caffeine is not a safe or effective way to lose weight. The claimants also feel that the sister are accountable for spreading a false hope about the product.

I think this is crazy. Celebs get paid to put their face and name behind a product all of the time. Can you sue Jordan because his shoes didn't make you a better player? It's all so relative. I'm sure somebody somewhere thinks they have benefitted from the pills. 5 MILLION? Really?!

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