Friday, March 9, 2012

Kat Stacks Opens Up About Her Pimp & Suicide Attempts- Remember Her

For a while, Kat Stacks' name was everywhere. It seemed as though every time you turned around she was there, but not necessarily for good reason. Kat was considered an industry prostitute, and became famous by putting rappers on blast.

Her blasting soon caught up with her when she made headlines for being slapped and beaten allegedly by someone in a rapper's camp. Kat took photos of rappers she was meant to be creeping with on the low. She captured what looked to be drugs with rappers and made it her business to expose people.

Unfortunately, she was eventually detained by the feds, because unbeknownst to us, Kat Stacks was illegally in the country. She is currently still being detained by immigration, and oddly still maintains her social media presence via twitter. She usually tweets about her frustrations of being behind bars, and how she hates being there.

Well yesterday I saw a few retweets from her on twitter and went to her page to see what she was talking about. What I found really shocked me.

While I knew somethings about her, it was heart wrenching to read her tweets about attempting suicide, and her days with a pimp. On the flip it was really refreshing to read her discuss how she's changing and how God saved her life.

Now, its very..VERY common for people who are locked up to turn to God while there. Very common, but I hope that after all she's been through that she has found some sure source of peace.

Check out her timeline below.

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