Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kandi's Kandi Factory Costars Host Private Screening at Bar One!

Hit producer Don Vito, renowned choreographer Victor Jackson, and celebrity stylist Kwame' Waters  gathered at Peter Thomas' swanky Bar One Sunday night for a private viewing of Bravo's hit show the Kandi Factory! While Kandi wasn't able to be in attendance, her costars gathered with some of their friends and family members to watch themselves shine on national television! The atmosphere was great, and so was the food and drinks! Peter was spotted walking around greeting guests as they enjoyed the show, with a live DJ during commercial breaks.

All three guys have already established themselves as go to individuals in entertainment, so the attention probably wasn't that big of a deal for them. The guys laughed and shared inside laughs while watching each other do their thing alongside Kandi on the Bravo show. Eyes were glued to the screens as we all got to see Vito, Victor, Kandi, and Kwame in rare form as they attempted to whip two hopeful stars into shape.

The two people selected to participate underwent excruciating training and development in a very short amount of time. They were hoping to be transformed from regular everyday wannabes to big time hit makers! Ultimately Matthew Solomon showed to be the bigger star over single mother Melissa Rose, but they both gave it their all!! Matthew's single Take That's video is now up and running on youtube and viewers are loving his energy!

Stay tuned for more from this reality show and especially from it's cast!!!!!!!

P.S. My buddy Victor hosts an incredible show entitled, The Release every month! It is currently held at the Green Room here in Atlanta and we will be in the building tonight starting at 9:30!

 Check the video below to learn more about the showcase and when you can catch up with Victor, myself, and the dopest artists in Atlanta- as they hit the stage! 

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