Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jersey Shore's "The Situation" Enters Rehab

Looks like the constant partying of the Jersey Shore crew has come back to haunt at least one of the cast members. According to TMZ Mike Sorrentino bka The Situation has been battling a substance abuse problem that recently spun out of control. The Situation is probably the most popular cast member of the infamous Jersey Shore crew -second to Snooki, who we learned is expecting her first child this year.

Sources say that it was at first just recreational, but he has recently started showing signs of a full blown dependence. According to sources both cast members and the production crew all have noticed his behavior change and a sense of paranoia increase during taping. Needless to say everyone is glad he's being responsible and seeking help.

Moral of the story folks, Say NO to drugs. Seriously. One time is too many times to get addicted to anything. We hope for his sobriety.

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