Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jada's Video for Burn (Her Dedication to Will)

This Valentines Day Jada Smith put rumors that her marriage was on the rocks to silence or at least a very very low volume- with the release of a very sensual song called Burn that she dedicated to Will on her FB page. Now, just a month or so later she's finished the video and it too is dedicated to her hubby and their 17 yr relationship. 

Rumors continue to circulate about their marriage and how it's not working, but this song and recent photos of them out and about don't suggest anything but pure love and infatuation for one another. I wuv the Smiths! 

The video is a simple performance shot of Jada singing with her band Wicked Evolution behind her. Before the video begins the GORGEOUS Jada Smith explains it- in Spanish! Y'all are lucky my Spanish is pretty decent- this is basically what she's saying. 

"This song is very important to me because it’s the start of new love for my husband. After 17 yrs I never thought I could love him more. Here’s Burn"

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