Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Chris Brown Depressed?!- Posts Eerie Van Gogh photo

Chris Brown has had his share of ups and downs. His life has been played out before the world, as a rich, famous, and undeniably talented young man.

It is no secret that the past few years have probably been extremely difficult for the pop sensation as his relationship with Rihanna ended and under very horrible circumstances. In the years following their altercation Chris has had a few more bumps in the road with media and his own actions depicting someone who hasn't quite figured out how to channel his feelings.

Last night just after tweeting about getting Cake (his remix with Rihanna) on iTunes, Chris deleted almost every tweet from his account and sent out this tweet, 

"At Eternity's Gate" 

He then changed his profile picture to this infamous painting by Vincent van Gogh entitled, "Old man in sorrow-on the Threshold of Eternity" van Gogh, who suffered from mental illness is said to have killed himself just after finishing this painting.

So... I was moved to send up a quick prayer for Chris last night when I saw this. He loves art- maybe he's just sharing another piece he thinks is worth sharing. He's known to delete his twitter page on occasion, so maybe this is just another refresh. I hope those things are the case, but Chris is under a lot of pressure and is the butt of  a lot of hatred for some mistakes he has made. 

Throughout the past few months since his collar with Rihanna his spirits and mental state have been on my mind a lot. Even the strongest person can break under such constant attacks.  It's really sad that people seek to destroy a person after they've made mistakes as if their hatred now is any different from that person's hatred in the past.  I hope that he is not depressed and if he is- that he has support around him for help. Lets hope for an explanatory tweet from him soon. I'm rooting for Chris!

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