Saturday, March 3, 2012

Did @Rihanna Send a Subtweet to @ChrisBrown's Girlfriend @Karrueche

Rihanna, who does not seem to bite her tongue at all- has seemingly been sending mad shade over to her ex boo Chris Brown's current girlfriend Karrueche.

It all started when the Birthday Cake remix came out and featured Chris. Both Rihanna and Chris rapped a bit on the record and many felt like Rihanna's verse was a direct shot at Karrueche who is of Vietnamese descent: 

..Remember how you did it. Remember how you fit it? If you still wanna kiss it.. come, come, come and get it. Sweeter than a rice cake..

Red flags went up everywhere, thinking that her "rice cake" comment was about Karrueche. Soon after Karrueche took to her twitter account with a possible response...

Rihanna's tweets always seem to be sub tweets about her situation with Chris because they are always about love, and being bold in love, or sex. Plus everybody wants her to be talking about it. 
So, last night when she sent out her 3rd instagram since joining a few days ago... the feature photo of a pack of rice cakes with dark shades on it and the caption, 
"Ima make you my b*tch" 
Twitter went CRAZY! We immediately assumed it was another shot at Karrueche & in response to her "Ray Charles to the BS" tweet. She didn't ease our wondering minds at all by responding to someone's request to have a rice cake with-

"Kinda DRY tho"

YIKES! So far Karrueche hasn't really responded, though she probably won't. This is all getting a bit ridiculous if it is anything as it seems to be. Two beautiful and grown women coming for each other over a guy.. who probably is with both of them. I personally think Rihanna's ball(sy) tweets are hilarious, but at the same time I think this rice cake one may be a bit racist/putting off.

I just hope that Rihanna can fall back a bit firing off on the social media networks, because it's not a good look for her at all. It makes her look a bit immature, desperate, and matter how funny it is.  I dig Rihanna's bold attitude, and I really wish her the best. I just hope she can channel her frustrations in a positive way.

Karrueche's primary "keep silent" approach is making her look a lot better in this situation, but Im sure Rihanna doesn't care about what we think at this point. I like Karrueche, I don't have a preference of her or Rihanna for Chris, but I think she seems to be a sweet girl.                              
So, what has Chris had to say since the world is watching this unfold..? The best thing he could've said- Chris tweeted one simple word today-
Story developing... lol


  1. (((SMH))).....kinda feel sorry for the girl. CBrezzy is definitely leaving her for Robyn.

  2. I don't feel sorry for her. I have a feeling she knows what she's doing. I do think he's going back to Rih though.