Monday, March 5, 2012

The Destiny's Child Sisterhood is Strong! Michelle & Letoya Grab Lunch!

While people would love to still believe there is a rift somewhere amongst these ladies, every year they do something to show that they all have love for one another. It's really normal (for me) to see at least original member Letoya Luckett with one of the current members hanging out. The ladies show mad love to each other.

From tweets to or about each other's music, to congrats to Bey from Letoya for her new baby Blue, to photos of them out and about- It is obvious that they are not all "beefing" with each other as people speculate.

The Destiny's Child saga started years ago as you know. Beyonce has been the lead singer of the group since she was a child.  DC had the same name for most of that time, but a few changing faces as well.  The most notable change up was when original members Letoya & Latavia were replaced with Michelle and Farrah. People had all sorts of stories about what had happened.

I remember being really upset because Tavia was my favorite, but all excited that Michelle who was a familiar face to me was now in such a hitting group. Naturally (and I assume it was so at one point) people speculated that because of the changes the ladies involved were in conflict with each other. 

One of the original members Letoya Luckett recently invited current member Michelle to join her for lunch via twitter. The two tweetpic' a photo of them hanging out. Both have had success as solo artists since their DC days, and it's great to see them coming together!  When Michelle received what seemed to be negative feedback from twitter she simply replied,

 "the healing took place a long time ago..that's why."

I love it! I mean I am a Destiny's Child baby :)))) I have hopes that one day at least 5 of the 6 women I've seen matriculate through the group will join together on stage for a little fun & reuniting! Wishful thinking much? Ehhh I'm just one of those people who believe ANYTHING can happen! Love these two!

Check a few photos out below of one of THE best girl groups to ever do it!

The group seemed to find the magic with the final line up
Beyonce, Michelle, & Kelly

Original DC! Kelly, Latavia, Letoya, & Beyonce

Temporary situation- Farrah, Bey, Kelly, & Michelle

Rumored to all be great friends.. Kelly, Letoya, and Brandy!

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  1. That's nice and forgivenss and love is the truth