Friday, March 23, 2012

@4EverBrandy & @MonicaBrown Pay Tribute to Whitney in Atlanta Last Night

In a lowkey concert sponsored by V103 last night in Atlanta.. Brandy and Monica came together for an intimate performance for some of the Atlanta elite and their biggest fans. Tickets were nearly impossible to get and I practically begged for them! I knew it would be a great show and Atlanta would represent. As seen in this video Mr. Atl himself- TIP and Tiny were front and center.

Thanks to for having this exclusive front row view of the show on video.

The most heart wrenching part of the show was when the two songbirds came together to honor the woman they both credit with being one of their biggest inspirations- Whitney Houston.

 Ironically, they were among the last people to see her alive as she sorta barged in on their interview the day before her death to give them hugs and kisses.

Even more ironic is the fact that when the news broke yesterday that the coroner linked her death to cocaine found in her autopsy, the two ladies were in the studio at v103 with cameras rolling. Brandy took the news hard, lowering her head to the table in sadness.

As she was in the studio, she was obviously shaken at the show last night as well.

You guys know I love Whitney and my Brandy! I feel her heart on this, and I know Whitney is so proud of her and Monica!! Check their tribute below.

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