Monday, March 26, 2012

@BowWow Talks His "Brother" @ChrisBrown's @Rihanna Reunion

Some people know(some don't) that Chris Brown and Bow Wow are real life best buds. The two have toured a couple of times and are around the same age so they've experienced young stardom together.

We haven't heard much from either Rihanna or Chris Brown's actual camp/friends about how they feel about the two reuniting on a song or romantically until now.

When asked about Chrianna, Bow Wow dismisses it in the same way Rihanna did-as just a situation where Rihanna is just the perfect fit for the record and nothing more.

Westwood- Talk is that Rih Rih & Chris Breezy are back together again, whats your take? She just couldn't keep away..? 

Bow Wow- I know they got a hot record out- you know thats my brother. You know what I mean..Me and Chris, a lot of people don't know, but we're kinda like the same individual. So, I don't even have to ask him..... same person..close, so.. yea got a hot record out. 
Westwood- Exactly. You know, in our world, they make artists role models but in a lot of other genres they don't do that. 

Bow Wow- For me, I like it though, because its music. I think the outside world is just taking it like they want to perceive the end of the day its entertaining the brain. You know what I mean? Chris never came out and said anything. All Chris said was, "I got a remix and I got a hot artist" which she is.. and that whole techno sound in the club she's poppin.. so from Chris' perspective she was probably just perfect for the record. Just 2 great artists working with each other you know? Its all business man, its all music man, lets make music. Thats what we're here for..

His body language suggests that he knows what Chris is doing and doesn't really want to share whats going on. He answered with this very obvious smirk. Rihanna's bff Melissa has been confronted on twitter with questions/statements of Chrianna and even Karrueche, but she responds very sarcastically.

We can't really say that anything is up based upon their bff's responses, because bffs ride for each other. They'd be the last to put any Chrianna business in the streets if they didn't think it best for them.  Full interview below where Bow talks about his baby girl and money woes.

Bow's new album on YMCMB will drop June 12th & is rightly titled Underrated!

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