Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beyonce's Mommy Swag

Bey has now been spotted out and about walking with Blue Ivy a few times in the past month or so. Usuallly Blue is swallowed in blankies to keep her warm, but with the new wave of great weather that has hit many cities we've been able to see her get some sun!

Well- we're only able to see her little legs and arms, but thats enough for us right!?? While Baby Blue is showing off some of her own fashion swag in the cutest of baby booties and shoes, her mother Queen Bey has also been turning heads.

We're all used to Bey being dressed to kill, but lately, we've seen her switch up her style a bit. Bey's usually rocking heels, something form fitting, and figure hugging. Bey has even been known to say that heels are just more comfortable for her than flats. She wore heels throughout her entire pregnancy - to much of our mama's dismays. 

Since baby Blue though, we've seen a more casual side of the new mom's fashion sense. She's rocked adorable flats, really funky and cool slacks, hats, and shades.. just chilling. Only, in Beyonce world.. even casual is hot. Bey was spotted walking through their beautiful Manhattan neighborhood rocking some really vibrant pants just days ago. The slacks- Easton Pearson Syriam Flag-Print Silk-Crepe Pants,  are just someone's entire rent payment-$595..but they're soooo cute.

She & Baby Blue have been spotted out matching even- so adorable. We're all sort of watching Blue Ivy grow up before our eyes. We're anxious for her next photos to hit the internet to see her adorable little face! If we're honest we're also just waiting to see how fly she's gonna be. We all know she's gonna be fly- look at her mommy!

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