Tuesday, February 14, 2012

UPDATED: Whitney's Family Says to Newark- "No public memorial please."

Despite of the public outcry from fans all around the world in grievance of Whitney Houston's death, Mayor Cory Booker was asked by the Houston family to not host a public memorial.

Instead the family will celebrate Whitney's life in a private ceremony at her childhood church. A representative for the Mayor's office released a statement saying that the family asked Whitney's hometown not to publicly memorialize her in any way and that they were in total compliance with the families wishes at this time.

Many fans are taking this the hard way, being that Whitney felt like a family member to a lot of them. Fans all around the world are still grieving their loss. The family for whatever the reason wants the opportunity to lay Whitney to rest privately.

As big of a fan of Whitney's as I am, and as hard as I have taken her death, I respect and understand them wanting to give her a peaceful and private memorial. The chaos surrounding every little detail of her death has been overwhelming for me. I haven't really been able to keep you all updated because it feels so personal.

The media is scavenging every minute detail in hopes of breaking news first. I'm more interested in giving you information that is important. I don't want to represent Whitney in any other way than the way I represented her in her life- with love and respect.

Whitney's autopsy has been completed and speculations are all over the Internet, but I'll wait till to the final say is released to share. I hope she went in peace is all I can say right now.

 Please remember Bobbi Kristina and the entire family in your prayers at this time, but also remember the die hard fans who had emotions and feelings invested in Whitney's life as well. It's a touchy subject- publicly memorializing icons. The feedback I've received on social media sites is mixed as to whether people think her family should have a public ceremony for her fans.

Maybe they can do something similar to Michael's and sort of have both. Now THAT would be incredible.

UPDATE: CNN has learned that the memorial services for Whitney will be held in Newark at 1pm on Saturday. It will be a private ceremony for close friends and family. The service will be officiated by Whitney's childhood church's Pastor Joe Carter and the Eulogy brought by Pastor & Gospel singer Marvin Winans. Pastor Winans also officiated the marriage of Whitney & Bobby back in 1997.

It is still not clear what happened to Whitney, but a close source tells CNN that the family is very unhappy with the media highlighting Whitney's drug abuse. The family friend goes on to say that Whitney had been clean of hard drugs for 3 yrs. and that they were all very proud of her. She did take Xanax for anxiety and sleep deprivation and was on an antibiotic for sore throat, but nothing other than that.

The family continues to grieve their loss as the world looks on in disbelief. Bobbi Kristina her only child was rushed to the hospital twice in the wake of her mother's death. Whitney's fans have expressed honest concern for Bobbi Kristina since Whitney's passing. Her father Bobby released a statement to People stating that they were going to pull through it as a family.

"Obviously the death of her mother is affecting her, however, we will get through this tragedy as a family."

There are unconfirmed talks of the ceremonies being broadcasted to screens outside of  New Hope Baptist Church.

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