Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wayne Popped the Question to Girlfriend Dhea?! [photos]

Wayne has been spotted with this woman on his arm for a bit now. The media went into a frenzy trying to figure out just who she is. From the beginning people assumed it was something serious as Wayne was all cuddled up with her beachside, courtside, and even brought her to his daughter Reginaes 13 yr. Birthday Ball. So who is she?

Well, we don't know much about her except she's Italian, Wayne's girlfriend and potentially his fiance'?!??
 Last night he tweeted something that was replied to by Birdman and of course twitter ran with it. The tweet:

Considering how smitten Wayne appears to be over her via his twitter acct- the obvious assumption was, Wayne has finally popped the question!!

I've watched Wayne tweet the sweetest things about needing his lady, or going to spend time with her. Some times it's even just her name that he tweets, or something cute like this one below:

So many of you jumped ship and thought.. WOW Wayne FINALLY proposed & to her????! Hahhaaa... guys.. even I know Wayne better enough to not take anything he says at face value! He's a rapper & a genius one at that. He uses words, flips them, plays with your head with them, because that's what he  gets paid to do. I knew the whole time exactly what Wayne was doing!

The answer is NO! Wayne did not ask Dhea (though he may be in love with her) to marry him.. just to be his Valentine..

Maybe this will calm all of the raving fans on twitter going off about him marrying some "random" girl and not Nivea, Lauren, or Sarah. All of which have a kid by him and were at some point in a relationship with him. I even saw one tweet asking why he'd married her and not Reginae's mom Toya (um. he did. they divorced. Toya's happily married.) lol. Gotta love fans.

Anywho.. s/o to Wayne for being silly as heck and all of yall for falling for it. Kudos to he and Dhea anyway..they're riding pretty hard.. who knows.. maybe someday he will, but not today!!!!

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