Friday, February 24, 2012

Tyler Perry's Real Life "Good Deed" Donates Remaining $98000 to Get Pastor Corey Brooks Off Roof

We all know that Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginnings was actually on that roof for a reason, and that Tyler's generous gift is to do more than get Pastor Brooks down. As I previously reported, Pastor Brooks and the New Beginnings Church of Chicago where he Pastors, decided that the violence in their community had to end.

So now for almost 100 days Pastor Brooks has been living on top of the crime infested motel they had shut down in hopes of raising enough money to destroy it and rebuild a community center. I know Pastor personally and the church family as well. He's stayed up there through some terrible weather.Actually being in the tent is a humbling experience, but to be up there for as long as Pastor Brooks has stayed is sheer faith and determination.

Today while visiting the Tom Joyner Morning Show in Chicago to promote his new movie, ironically titled, "Good Deed" , the richest man in Hollywood- Tyler Perry got wind of New Beginnings' plight. He heard about the Pastor on the roof and simply said he was giving him the remaining $98000 to meet their goal!!! Incredible. What a miraculous thing!

Many people have given and given, and I'm sure at times it seemed like they'd never reach their goal of almost a half a million dollars, but Pastor Brooks was sure and steadfast to the very end! So sure that even after Perry announced his gift, Brooks reiterated that he promised to stay up there until he had all the money in hand. Perry laughed and said, "Pastor, come on down from there. One thing about me is if I say I'm doing it, I'm doing it. I'll be over to visit soon.".

I'm overjoyed at the miracle that happened today. Im happy for Pastor Brooks and his family, as well as the New Beginnings family. God is great!

Make sure you guys go see Good Deed. Many blessings to Tyler Perry!

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