Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Third Student Pronounced Dead After Ohio School Shooting

Following a heart wrenching school shooting in Chardon, Ohio another student- a third student has died due to gunshot wounds. The shooting that happened on Monday had already claimed the lives of two students; Russell King Jr., 17, and the first victim, student Daniel Parmertor.

King died this morning while Daniel was pronounced dead on Monday. Early this afternoon the family of Demetrius Hewlin confirmed that he too had died from wounds he'd received on Monday.

Little is known about the gunman TJ Lane. He is currently awaiting court-where the judge will determine whether or not to try him as an adult.  Lane is considered a "withdrawn, but nice kid" by students and teachers alike.  

He opened fire at Chardon High School- but was a student at an alternative school. He was simply there waiting to catch a bus to his school. While looking for signs, it was obvious that Lang was suffering from some serious frustrations as his Facebook page featured a rant that ended in "Die all of you."

Lang said he'd stolen the .22  used to kill 3 and wound 2 students from his uncle. He is said to be cooperating with authorities. Our hearts go out to the family,friends, and community of Chardon, OH.

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