Friday, February 10, 2012

Ted Turner's Daughter to Be on Real Housewives Of Atlanta?!

You look at this photo and tell me.

People have been asking around as to whether Marlo's reported Sugar Daddy (doubt it.) THE Ted Turner's (owner of all of everything-Google him.) daughter Laura is joining the cast of RHOA.

I didn't think she'd be a "fit" for such a show so I was skeptical of blogging it. You guys know how I am about blogging the truth! I couldn't really bank on any of my sources who kept telling me I didnt bother to blog it. I figured it would all come out eventually for you faithful RHOA viewers.

Well, I got word today via twitter from who I like to personally consider THE source of all things RHOA- our girl Michelle Brown bka Atlien from that this is indeed a rumor. Laura will not be joining the cast, though it appears she was in fact offered the opportunity by Bravo.

In an exclusive interview with the AJC a rep denied that Laura would be joining the reality show. Thats that! I knew it. Didn't seem like a fit at all! No shade to the current (trying to act like they are not current) cast members, but there is a certain type of woman that works in reality tv. While she's trying to clear up that rumor Atlien says, her dad is out to clear up the one about him buying Marlo's..............

Though she's seen around town with some of everybody and has a pretty interesting life, there has to be some level of high school drama and Laura Turner Seydel just doesn't give me that. Oh well.. visit for more details on that show. She ALWAYS has the scoop on them.

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