Saturday, February 11, 2012

UPDATED: RIL Whitney Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

Whitney Houston died today. I have no words. I will always love Whitney. One of my biggest inspirations. Cause of death is unknown at this time. My prayers go up for Bobbi Kristina & their family.

UPDATE: Here is what we now know. Whitney's body was found in her hotel room in LA in the bathtub. Once paramedics arrived individuals were already attempting CPR to resesotate Whitney, but it was too late. She was pronounced dead at 3:55pm PST. The cause of death still has yet to be revealed.

There are reports being made that Whitney's daughter Bobbi Kristina naturally arrived and was not allowed to go in to see her mom. She is reported to have -naturally- thrown a huge fit in response. Her father and Whitney's ex husband Bobbi Brown gave a tearful performance at his show in Mississippi with group New Edition. He broke down on stage while singing as he pointed to the sky and said, "I love you."

Whitney's mom Cissy Houston and cousin Dionne Warwick were said to have just spoken with Whitney who seemed, "Just fine." only hours before her death. They were all in preparation for Clive Davis' annual Grammys party last night. Clive is credited with starting and revamping Whitney's career. He is also reported to be taking this hard.

I went on my #DearWhitney rant on twitter as a salute to the icon that changed our lives. Many others took to their twitter accounts to show love as well. Rihanna tweeted that she doesn't know how to feel about being at the Grammys now amongst other things. Brandy, who's career was hugely influenced by Whitney's simply tweeted.. "Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy??????" which is a question we are all asking.

There is not a voice so great, a spirit so unwillingly shaken, or a smile so bright on this earth. I know she's outsinging the angels right now. Tears continue to flow as I write this, never thought I'd have to, but.. May Whitney Houston Rest in Love.

My niece sings Whitney's Greatest Love of All

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  1. Kayki I am in utter shock & disbelief. I'm sitting here devastated! What a sad & tragic day!! I will forever remember dancing at my junior high dance to "I will always love you" :( my first slow dance!!!!!