Monday, February 13, 2012

Rihanna Grammys Best Dressed & Her Secret On Stage Message to Chris

Rihanna of course! For reasons I don't have to explain to anyone with eyesight, Rihanna had the best dress of the night. It was barely there, but it was a perfect fit. In yet another collaboration with Armani, Rih Rih sported a backless, plunging necklined, thigh high splitted, form fitting dress that I swear I heard say, "Hey!!! look at meeeee!" when she walked onto the red carpet.

Sporting her hot new blonde do and a nude face, Rihanna dazzled last night at the 53rd Grammys. She also performed her hit We Found Love in which she managed to mention Whitney's name. She even performed her hit with Coldplay, Princess of China (See video below.). Easily one of the best performers of the night. Needless to say the pressure was on as her ex-beau (& rumored lover) Chris Brown had an amazing night as well.

Interesting enough it was pointed out to me by a girlfriend of mine that during her set with Coldplay, there is a line in the song that says, "You stole my stars" It appears that Rihanna reaches her hand back to touch the star tattoos that were significant for she and Brown's relationship. The two reportedly got similar tattoos of stars while they dated back in 2008.

 I had to watch it back to catch it, but sure enough, her hand reaches up towards the tattoos during that line..Coincidence? Maybe, but with Rihanna's recent subtweeting habits, and their clubbing together lately, they don't really leave people any other option but to assume they're still in love. If you missed the performance with Coldplay check it out below as well as some of the other looks I really liked at the 53rd Grammys!
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