Friday, February 3, 2012

OMG Girlz Premiere Video for Gucci This & Can They Last!?

Back when I first started this site I think I was one of the first to  blog about Tiny's new girl group that was set to hit the scene! Now a couple of years later, and a couple of change ups later, the OMG Girlz are making their mark on the industry. The OMG Girlz, which consists of Tiny & Tip's daugter (Star),  good friend (Babydoll), and Tiny's bff's daughter (Beauty),  are young, talented, adorable, and focused making for a pretty solid career ahead of them!

The group, started by singer/songwriter Tiny formerly of Xscape under her Pretty Hustle lable- dropped a record, Aint Nobody when they first began that featured original OMG member Reginae Carter. Once the buzz was created, Tiny took her girls and put them into major artist development mode. With her boss like business sense and experience in the industry, she's taken these 3 young ladies and turned them into the modern day girl group that the music industry is missing right now. 

From the beginning everybody has been asking me the same question, 'will they last?' 'Can they work?' Well.. thats not my answer to give, but I will say that they are all very talented, and seem to love each other right now. With their mothers so heavily involved in every aspect of their career and with endurance, I think we may be witnessing something amazing!

To remember them when they started and to see them now, its clear they've made a commendable transformation! The girlz released, Gucci This a few months back to much love on radio and from their fan base. This week they stopped by BET's  106th & Park to premiere the video for it! Check it out below!


  1. I think theyre too maturely dressed for their age. My daughter loves them though.

  2. I totally agree. The song is cute, but their imaging is too old for them. I dont think they will last very long, but I think they will have a good ride.