Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Produced by D. Mile. From brand new mix tape- Chamber of Diaries.

The mix tape rides, but this is easily my favorite today.

When Kalenna appeared in Dirty Money- it seemed to many people that Diddy had just magically made this woman appear from somewhere. Sorry guys- he is not that powerful. Actually my first learning of Kalenna was as a songwriter prior to her Dirty Money days.

I'd heard some of her music on youtube and fallen in love with her tone before I learned more about her pen game. As much as we'd like to think of her as new- Kalenna is very well a vet in this business, she's just managed in recent years to reach a broader audience.

Her creative genius is insane. Her style is insane. Her voice-yes insane, but what I really like about Kalenna is that she's a sweet heart. I accidentally ran into her one night in the studio here in Atlanta a couple of years ago, and she was just way familiar and approachable. That genuine spirit is what wins you over (if her extremely fly presence isn't enough).

Kalenna is in a league all of her own. Creatively, this mix tape is exactly what I would expect from her, but even better. It's all sorts of colors and shapes colliding into bold lyrics and sweet melodies. She's passionate and extremely intelligent concerning her sound and approach.  Kalenna's musicality is just different..not like anything the average partaker of today's music is used to. You get a chance to peek at it a bit on Chamber of Diaries.

Now, Kalenna makes music for a very mature audience for sure. With artistry theres always that desire to push people beyond their limits. The idea of forcing you out of your box- thats what every good artist does. Some of the stronger concepts and ideas presented on this mix tape may not sit well with every body's taste buds, but I guarantee that something will. In it's totality it's just simply good music.

Listening to the mix tape for the first time last week took me back to the hay days of Missy Elliot. That bold, eclectic, and colorful sound and delivery. That feel great vibe. The feeling that your ears have never heard such incredible sounds before. Easily Kalenna gives you that "I can't help but knock my head and scrunch my face" on one banging track, then sings to your heart in the next. Easily one of the best mix tapes I've heard.

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