Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jada Smith Releases Special Valentines Day Song for Will.. Sound Split Up to You!??

Photo on her FB page from Will's bday in September

Reports have been circulating for months now that one of Hollywoods most adored couples Will & Jada Smith are splitting/have split. Well,  Jada released this song for Will no her facebook page  & honey..this is not a song you record for a man you're divorcing. Here is the note she attached with the song, entitled Burn..

With the major losses we have experienced in the last few weeks...

We should remember...
Our lives are worth living fully.

Our risks are worthy.
Our mistakes are worthy.
Our traumas are worthy as well.

The very paths we are told not to
Tread are the paths that hold the
keys to our deepest understanding of
love for our lives and ourselves.

Self love is the gateway to truly loving

We were born to be loved and to love...

I love you.
Happy Valentine's Day.
This is for you.


Praying for these two to make it! I love them!


  1. Let me call my husband and see what time he comming home. We may need a sitter! Loving this.