Wednesday, February 29, 2012

@IggyAzalea Says XXL's Freshmen Class 2012 Cover is for All the Girls

Hmm..this list  is a bit iffy for some people. To many people's surprise this year's  XXL Freshman Class cover features female Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea. Im not really sure why it's a surprise. If you've had your ear to the streets at all in recent entertainment news, you know she's what lots of people are yapping about.

To my dismay, it looks like people honestly feel some sorta way about her being on the cover. Whether you're a fan or not- as Necole reported, she is the very first female to be featured in the infamous list. Which is major, not just for her, but for every woman as she took to her twitter account to say.

Sometimes you have to look beyond your own feelings about something and peep the bigger picture. Even if you don't respect her movement. Atlanta native and the "King of the South" TIP has already given her his stamp of approval. TIP is overseeing her first solo album under Interscope records set to be out this year.

She's not for everybody, but who is? If you can't respect her flow- respect what her covering XXL represents! Go Iggy!

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