Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Lady Obama Says Mr. President Sings to her All of the Time + Her Push Ups On Ellen! (Vids)

She is beautiful! I think thats J.Crew as well... Love her real life fashion sense!

Oooohhhh :) When I saw this interview I thought, "how cute!". The nation was astonished by the incredible vocal abilities showed off by our POTUS the other night in New York. He really sounded great as he busted out singing Al Green's classic Lets Stay Together. Seems as though everyone in the nation was surprised save his lovely wife Michelle who admitted to Jay Leno the other night that he sings to her all of the time!

The President's rendition of Lets Stay Together has reintroduced the classic to a whole new crowd. Just pay attention to how companies are capitalizing on the song now in commercials and such. I personally think President Obama and Al Green should sing it when he wins the election!

The FLOTUS is making her rounds for sure! Just yesterday a very casual/chic FLOTUS appeared on the Ellen show! Ellen sort of challenged her to some push ups! LOL.. check out the video below!

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