Monday, February 20, 2012

Uh Oh! @ChrisBrown & @Rihanna Collaborations are Here! Turn Up the Music Rmx & Birthday Cake Rmx!

Tried to use the youtube videos instead.. hopefully they work best for everybody!
 Chris Brown-Turn Up the Music ft. Rihanna

Rihanna- Birthday Cake ft. Chris Brown- Explicit

We knew they were coming! Though the WORLD seemed to have every reason to try to stop these two from making music together, it looks as though Chris & Rihanna took things into their own hands and did it anyway- times 2.

In what seemed to be a well planned out twitter release between the two of them they both sent each other links to their remixed versions of one another's records. Then each of them RT'd the link. A unified front  to me.

Chris took to his twitter account just before releasing the links to these much anticipated collaborations with these words-

In other words.. this reunion on records is in hopes of bringing people together more than anything?? I respect that. It's time we learn to forgive people and move forward.

Looks like Mama Breezy is in support too. She's been thought to have done some sub tweeting to Rihanna herself in the past couple of months. She RT'd both links out on her twitter page tonight too.

I think this is just Rihanna's way of letting the world know that she has forgiven Chris... doesn't mean she's back with him necessarily. Plus I'm sure they had a ball working together. What do you guys think!?


  1. Its not working! No Cake Kayki! lol

  2. Oh snap! Let me fix this! Sorry!!!!!xo

  3. I agree with you Kayki, let these two live there own lives and figure it out. Even if they get back together, who is to say they dont love eachother and who is to say they can't get counseling and help. My husband of 15 years hit me one time when we were together in a violent rage after his mom died. It change ourt lives for forever, but against all odds I made a decision to trust him again and for 15 years we've gone to counseling monthly and he has never even flinched at me again. I know what statistics says, trust me I heard and read them all, but my husband is an example of what Chris can also be.

    PS I love your blog Im 35 and I read it. You don't really post for my generation but it keeps me knowing whats going on and it's not gossip driven. Keep it up!

    1. WOW that is great insight from your experience. Thanks for sharing.

      I'm not really for a romantic relationship between these two or against it- that is not my choice to make for them. What I will say is that people should be careful not to condemn ANYBODY as much as they've condemned Chris. I majored in Psych so I have much respect for your counseling suggestion too. I believe in it even if your marriage is fine! Thanks for reading, I'll try to fit in some stuff just for your generation! xo

    2. I said I wouldn't delete comments, but I think this one is very disrespectful -fyi. You must know that evil is evil and you at the moment are exuding the very thing that was exuded the night of their incident. This is my site where I share things from MY opinion. You are entitled to yours. Thanks for sharing. ( & yes its still xo to you )