Monday, February 20, 2012

Chris Brown Publicly Wishes Rihanna a Happy Birthday

The young couple in 2008

Following a few really hard days in the public eye (make that years), Chris Brown and Rihanna seem destined to show the world that they have moved on from their situation. Even after apologizing numerous times, handling his legal woes impeccably (according to the judge), and producing amazing albums and performances, Chris is still at the very bottom of the totem pole on many lists. The one person who has seemed to have forgiven him and moved on, is the one person hurt the most out of the incident, his ex Rihanna.

The two have been rumored to have rekindled their relationship many times since parting 3 years ago, but never has it been so obvious that if anything, they are friends. It all started last year when the restraining order against him was lifted with Rihanna's blessing. The reports spread that they were carrying on a low key relationship again. Then, one day it became obvious that they were following each other on twitter, then more rumors that they were sexually involved again.

Most recently an ongoing cycle of subliminal tweets with the hashtag #1Love from Rihanna has had the world starting to believe these two actually are headed back towards a relationship. Just last week the rumor mill exploded with reports that Chris Brown was at Rihanna's  private 24th birthday party, and that he is featured on the remix of her song, Birthday Cake.This sent the haters of the world into a full frenzy. People have yet to move on and forgive Chris Brown for his huge mistake.

I went on a long twitter rant about this the other day, so I won't reiterate again, but- hoping someone gets help, and shedding a positive light on the fight against domestic violence does not equate to bashing, demeaning, and outright disrespecting Chris Brown.

If you don't wish them together and think he's an abuser then say that and pray they both get help, but some of the hateful things written to and about him are just heartbreaking even for me. There is a better way to state your opinion on such a real issue, that may actually help someone. Clearly the way many people are stating their opinions right now- is causing more hurt than it is helping anyone.

With that said, Rihanna & Chris don't seemed to be moved from their decision to publicly show that they actually have moved on and still care for one another. Following their responses on twitter to several comments and blogs regarding their situation comes a moment many have been waiting to see play out. They've been following each other on twitter for a while, which is in itself some sense of acknowledgement. Chris Brown has even favorited her tweet before, but never have they spoken directly to one another via twitter.

Well, today is Rihanna's 24th birthday and everybody was wondering if Chris would acknowledge that on soon as the clock struck 12 he joined the ranks of many fans , family members, and friends including Producer the Dream who is in London recording with Rihanna right now- to wish her a happy birthday.

Chris tweeted HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN (Rihanna's first name- her moniker is her middle name), and Rihanna immediately replied with a simple thank you. For the first time the two have a definite public interaction with each other, and of course it would be by twitter. We wish Rihanna a happy birthday as well! It's Pisces season!!!!

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