Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cassie is GORGEOUS! Diddy Is that an Engagement Ring We See?!?

Everybody thought for a while there that Diddy had replaced Cassie with Cameron Diaz, whom he'd been spotted around the country with recently. Well looks like Cassie & Diddy are still getting it in, or maybe they just have acumulated the same friends and were randomly at Ross' birthday party together!?

A BETTER question is, what is that on Cassie's finger? These photos that have been circulating the web for a couple of days suggest that maybe, just maybe... Diddy put a ring on it? Im not sure about that, but she is wearing a ring on THAT finger.

In other news, why is Cassie so beautiful!? She looks fake sometimes she's so gorgeous. Congrats to them if theyre taking their relationship to the next level. Love is a beautiful thing.

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