Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bobbi Kristina Returns to Atlanta

Just less than a week after her mother's burial, Bobbi Kristina has returned to Atlanta to the home they shared according to neighbors.

Many have speculation as to why the family would allow her to come home alone after her recent anxiety attacks post her mom's death. Another source suggests that that is ludicrous, and that while she is back in the home, she is surrounded by family who loves her.

One person who has been right by her side for years and especially throughout this time is her  mom's "Adopted son" Nicholas Gordon. Not much is known about Nicholas, but that Whitney took him in at a young age and raised him as her own. He was also a pallbearer at her funeral.

My personal speculation though- is that he is BK's boyfriend. They may not want the world to know that Whitney let him live with them, so maybe they're masking it as if Whitney just adopted him. I may be wrong, but that just makes more sense to me.

Bobbi Kristina naturally is mourning the loss of a mother. Some of the media is choosing to paint her as an out of control addict who is using to cope with her mother being gone. According to a family friend those rumors are not true. More than anything this young lady needs prayer and support- your hits can wait.