Friday, February 10, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Drake ft. Rihanna- Take Care Video Shoot

Easily one of music's most talked about potential couples, Drake and Rihanna have been rumored to be together more than not. They've partnered on Rihanna's number 1 hit, Whats My Name, hung out some, and have even been spotted leaving a club together, but nobody really knows for sure the extent of their relationship. Whatever it is, it makes for magic behind the mics as they are back at it with their hit song Take Care.

Drake is reported to have written the song knowing that Rihanna was the only person who could deliver it as he wanted to. Now the two are busy shooting the video for it somewhere in LA.  Looks like their having fun. Should be a great video. I happened to be up having another sleepless night in Atlanta when our good friends from Rihanna Daily RT the video director Yoann Lemoine:

Oh by the way I just shot Drake & Rihanna’s ‘Take Care’ video. Beautiful track, amazing artists. EDITING NOW !

Almost looks like @drake is photobombing my picture with @rihanna Love you guys.
It really does look that way in the photo! Fun for Rihanna & Drake fans. I'm quite excited to to get a visual for this record I dig it.. if you havent heard play.
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S/o to @RihannaDaily

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