Monday, February 6, 2012

As If David Beckham's H&M Superbowl Ad Wasnt Enough- Heres the Behind the Scenes


Superbowl night is almost as much about advertising as it is the game now a days. Everybody wants to outdo the next person with their commercial while they practically have the whole world's attention. Though last night's commercials overall were a bit disappointing, H&M made sure to make up for all errors of life.

Ok. I've had this major crush on David Beckham since May of 2004. He is just perfection. He's gorgeous, and when H &M decided to shoot their Superbowl ad for new undies line there, they definitely knew exactly how to exploit his beauty!!! Beckham's ad ran during the game and to my advantage, I was the closest woman to the tv at the time, but every woman in the room, young and old had to pause for a moment. It leaves you speechless really. He's so handsome and the tattoos are all systematically placed to make you lose your mind so please watch in a safe place!

The commercial has left many women in a daze that will probably persist for at least 72 hrs while our brains and bodies recuperate. A lady on youtube put it this way in comments, "MY OVARIES JUST EXPLODED!" So.Funny! And since I love you, I'd like to share this footage of the behind the scenes moments for the commercial.  It is quite a watch, especially if you'd like to see some of those shots from the commercial in color! Check it out below- and if you didnt see the end result, its here too of course. Once again, as I always say.. Victoria Beckham..we salute you! haha!

Behind the Scenes
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