Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adele Sweeps & Chris Brown Shines at Grammys

Reminiscent of  Lauryn Hill's epic Grammy take over after her first solo project, Adele went 6 for 6 at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards. What was most intriguing about her name being called over and over again was her sense of humility and happiness in the moment.

Unlike many of her peers who seem to not really know how to respond to such love from the audience, Adele simply took it all in. There were a few moments where Adele was forced to just stand there and be applauded. That is really an awkward position to be in, but she did even that with grace. She really produced an amazing album and rightly deserved every Grammy she received!

Another recipient who stood humbly was Chris Brown, who took home the Grammy for best R&B album. The past few years have been all but nice to the r&b singer who had an altercation with (then) girlfriend Rihanna 3 yrs ago during the Grammys. He's been banned from radio stations and even award shows like the Grammys. So, to see him receive a Grammy and get the opportunity to perform twice did my heart well.

It was a redemptive moment when he stood up on the podium, nerves a wreck, and speechless. He simply thanked God and his fans. Clearly his priorities were in order.

I went on a small twitter rant last night in response to country singer Miranda Lambert's mean tweets about Chris needing to be "Put back in his place" because he "hit a girl". Those types of comments are from people who feel they are perfect. One day you all will realize that condemning Chris to a life of misery & strife in no way uplifts Rihanna or sheds a productive light on the issue of domestic violence. I'm proud of Chris & Rihanna's handling of THEIR situation. Go Chris!

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