Friday, February 10, 2012

Adele Sings a bit for Anderson Cooper..Acapella Post Surgery-Is she Grammy Ready?!

Late last year fans across the world where stunned and saddened to learn that one of the favorite voices of our generation was silenced. Adele, who has seemingly taken over the industry in the passed couple of years with her incredibly sultry and sweet voice, underwent a successful surgery to repair her highly esteemed chords. Fans were happy that the surgery was a success, but many were brought to tears when Adele painfully announced she had to cut her tour short for some much needed vocal rest.

Well, the wait is over, Sunday night at the Grammys on CBS, Adele will perform live for the first time since her surgery. The question is always -can she do it? Is she ready..? Well, she stopped by 60 minutes and gave Anderson Cooper a heads up.. you be the judge...

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