Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Aahhh! I FOUND Beyonce's Nail Polish! PLus the New Mom Steps Out Again Last Night [Pics]

She looks beautiful! Stepping out in a very sexy Monique Lhuillier dress, Gucci shoes, and more Lorraine Schwartz Blue jewelry, Beyonce faced the cameras again last night to support husband Jay Z's Carnegie Hall show. Now since her first appearance Monday night the world (including myself) has been going CRAZY over the blue polish adorning Beyonce's finger nails. I practically begged my followers to find it for me, and to no avail.

But why would they do that when they knew I'd find it! Sure enough, it is a brand new color, Baker Street from Nails, Inc London. It's not yet available on the site, but I have heeaaard you can get it in Sephora!! Its a brilliant color!

Beyonce wore it last night again after dazzling us with it on Monday night for the premiere show!

So, now that I can sleep at night- I must say that Beyonce's post baby body is just flabbergastingly great. I mean, you can tell she's picked up some weight when you see her legs and boobs, but honey she looks amazing!! I'm so happy for she and Jay still. Now.. to see little Blue Ivy!

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