Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Truth About Yandy & Jim Jones and a Love & Hip Hop Blind Item!

Yesterday the finale of Love & Hip Hop aired and the normal drama of the show was still in full effect. A question everybody has been asking all season though is, why is Jim Jones' former manager Yandy (far left) at such odds with Chrissy his fiancĂ© (center left)? It felt like every time they got into a dispute it was personal and intense. The question arose many times whether or not there is more going on  between Jim & Yandy than the show was prepared to document.

Well, recently producer of the show mogulista Mrs. Mona Scott Young visited Kandi's internet show- Kandi Koated Night (which I happen to blog for) and someone was bold enough to express what many people were thinking to her. She says she's heard it a few times, but as far as she knows they only have a working relationship. Not that she's actually spill that tea to anyone if it were true..Im inclined to believe her.

IN THE MEANTIME do I have some Werrrd on the sKreet for you BabyKayKs! A source has revealed to me that one of these ladies who's relationship has been profiled throughout the show is actually in full creep mode! My source says that one of the ladies has had a longterm relationship (outside of that with her rapper boyfriend). This is a credible source who says they've seen this Love & Hip Hop starlet with her side piece (who is also in the industry somewhat) many times! Any guesses as to which one of these ladies is the one being unfaithful in Love & Hip Hop!? When this breaks ...do NOT forget where you read it first. Now..theres my gossip post of the year. 

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  1. SHIT kayki let me find out u got the tea and you not sharin! I be seeing u with them celebs so I know u know more than you be sharin! Come on now but I think its Emily. Fab ass been cheatin on her dumb self for years a woman can only be faithful to that for so long