Thursday, January 12, 2012

Robert Kardashian-STOP questioning Khloe's Kardashianism I AM the Father!

Recently The Kardashian sisters were hit in the face with a really disheartening claim from their deceased father's ex wife. Jan Ashley recently reported to tabloids that in private, Rob Kardashian told her that Khloe is not his daughter. This struck a chord with many because in recent episodes of the Kardashian's reality show, Khloe has in fact doubted that she is a blood Kardashian, and for what many perceived good reason. Khloe doesn't have some of the similar characteristics her siblings carry & her mom admitted to having an affair while married to her deceased father. Well, to that I say its not unusual for one sibling to reach faarrr back in the blood line and grab some beautiful and unique genes to play with :)

Non the less, Robert Kardashian today is seeming to speak from his grave to declare that Khloe is in fact his. TMZ has acquired court documents where Mr. Kardashian swore under oath that he had four biological children-which unless there is another Kardashian floating around somewhere that he produced, includes Khloe! These documents just presented an "in yo face" moment to his ex wife. Its a shame what people will do for a little shinola..smh (though I was secretly hoping during the time Khloe questioned her Kardashianism..that Bruce was revealed as her biological father..wouldnt that had been cool!??) I love Khloe..she's my favorite Kardashian and obviously a true one at that!