Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Piece of History- The Original Red Tails (Photos)

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How cool is this photo!? The entertainment world has been a buzz for weeks about this movie (that I blogged about months ago- peep it here ) So Im really happy to see it coming to fruition and doing extremely well!  The movie produced by the Mr. George Lucas boasts the first all black cast in a major film. Lucas footed the entire production cost on his own as major studios would not get behind a film with no major white roles he explained in an interview with the Daily Show.

To those studios' dismay not only did Lucas and cast produce an amazing film, but America has responded at the box office! Debuting this weekend at #2 with over 19 million viewers! POW! I thought the above picture was powerful as those are the actual men the movie was written about! Make sure you go see it & take your kids! This is such an entertainment and enriching history lesson! Kudos to Lucas and the whole cast & IN YOUR FACE to big hollywood!

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