Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nick Cannon opens up on kidney failure

Nick Cannon is feeling better and speaks up on his recent hospitalization with "mild kidney failure" as his wife Mariah Carey put it. "They thought it was kidney stones ... then a kidney infection," Cannon said on his New York-based radio show. "They found out my kidneys weren't functioning well."

"We didn't want to say 'kidney failure' so people would think I gotta get new kidneys and Gary Coleman and all that stuff, so we said 'mild kidney failure.'" He was initially admitted to a hospital in Aspen, Colorado, on January 4 and later moved to a Los Angeles hospital.

Now he's drinking a lot of water and has a couple more procedures to go through. During a conversation with Howard Stern, Nick expressed gratitude toward Mariah in such a sweet way! 

"Especially through this entire process, we've become so much closer," he said. "I even got a chance to see a different side of my wife where she became so nurturing. I'm in debt to her forever."
Not everyone (including myself) may understand their relationship, but Nick and Mariah are taking their marriage seriously. This is the true example of "Through sickness and health." Mariah knows what it means to support and be there for her man!