Friday, January 27, 2012

Lil Kim's Assistant Noel Says Nicki's Camp Is Full of It..Denies Any Letter

Kim & Nicki Pre Ego Days

Sigh..  rap beef still exists. Why? Im not sure, but it does. Got an email today from a reader asking if I knew anything about this recent episode of Queen B vs. Queen Barbie.. well I do. Didnt quite plan on blogging it..but....anything for the readers. So here it goes..A bit ago, the media reported that a letter had been sent out from Lil Kim's publicist stating that she had a statement that would discredit Nicki Minaj's entire career or whatever.

Well now, Kim's assistant is making it clear that there is no such statement being made.. and furthermore that the whole email thing was made up by Nicki  & her camp..

I am really..honestly.. and truly over this. Two things should be realized. When you're a gamechanger.. as Kim is.. why stoop and beef at all with the rappers you helped groom?! Everybody. Everybody who knows ANYTHING about Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim knows that Nicki's a product of what Kim & Fox started.

She took it and made it her own of course, but I recall when she first started out ( Mixtape Nicki) she always gave much homage & respect to Kim & Fox. Nicki should realize that at some point the name calling and all of that should end. A statement from either acknowledging the great accomplishments of the other would end this 6th grade name calling beef. Well.. theres that & my opinion.

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