Monday, January 30, 2012

Jennifer Lopez "there is real love there" for Marc

Jennifer Lopez in a very candid interview Monday morning on the "Today Show" opened up about how natural it is to work with her now ex husband Marc Anthony. Jennifer took every question in stride as I've seen her do many times in the past. The things she wanted to elborate on she did and what she wished to keep mum about.. she did.

Regarding her children with Marc, their adorable twins, she says she hopes to give them the same happy childhood she had, just with better toys.  She also elborated on her new show  with Marc "Q'viva- The Chosen" and how that experience really enlightened her. Questions of course arose regarding why it took her so long to decide to do American Idol again. I like Jennifer, she's not afraid to do what makes her happy and she's really upfront about it all. I can respect that.

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