Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jay Z's First Time Hearing Big Brother by Kanye Captured on Video

Ive always wondered  what Jay thought of Kanye's record about their relationship- Big Brother. I remember when I first heard the record. I felt so many different emotions. A combustion of appreciating Ye's admiration and being a bit disappointed in the way Kanye felt a little slighted by Jay.

In the below video, you see Jay & Kanye in the studio in 07' and Jay hearing "Big Brother" for the first time. He said he was holding his emotions together because the camera was rolling. It was clearly a sweet moment. Its always been clear that Kanye started out a fan of Jay Z's and just so happen to have the opportunity to work with him. Kanye should rest assured that he's his own man now though.. he's Yeezy!  I'm sure that makes Jay proud.

The video is a production being put together by Kanye's cousin  singer Tony Williams. It shows a lot of behind the scenes shots from the "Graduation" album period as well as some outtakes from Tony himself letting you in on how things went down according to him.

Check out Jay's reaction to Big Brother starting at 2:28.

If you've never heard Big Brother- check it out here.