Monday, January 16, 2012

Jay Z Speaks on his First Week as Dad!

The proud pop of Blue Ivy Carter has had one hell of a week! Just last Sunday wifey Beyonce gave birth to their daughter and it was obviously an emotional and lovely experience. Jay immediately dropped his tribute record "Glory", and friends of family of the couple immediately hit social media networks to congratulate the two and welcome the new baby girl to the world. Most people have been waiting to see what the power couples next move pertaining to little
Carter would be.

There are some reports out that Jay released a poem in Blue Ivy's honor saying he'd never use the B word in rhymes that he has a daughter in the world. Not sure how accurate those claims are, but we all know from the song he released that she's changed his life in a great way!

I was hoping that her mom (Beyonce) who has like 2 million followers on twitter and hasnt tweeted a word (who run the world? lol) would finally tweet something, but that would give us bloggers TOO much to have a coniption about! All is not lost though...the other person we were hoping to get a reaction on twitter from gave us one! Jay Z took to his account yesterday- one full week after his "Glory" was born with three simple words.. 

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