Tuesday, January 24, 2012

James Wade debuts Prolific Video - Oscar Grant

It was the first day of 2009 when BART Police shot an unarmed man on a public transit train in the Bay Area. It was another fatal shooting of an unarmed Black man for reasons even the officer responsible couldn't explain. With Hip Hop always being the voice of the street a rapper that I love, James Wade was extremely moved by the unfortunate circumstances of this case. He was moved to record a record about it.

The video is pretty much a vigil for Oscar Grant and others who have been victims of ruthless violence. I grew up with James. He's always been a man aware of the cultural impression of Hip Hop, so when I heard this song and saw this video I wasn't at all surprised! Stay tuned for an exclusive with James and check out his latest mix tape, The Ugly Show hosted by DJ Benzi after you peep the Oscar Grant video below! You know they in the building cus the..Lights On ;)

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