Monday, January 16, 2012

Guess Who: Which Celeb Says She Wants to be a Delta!?


This passed week/weekend people all over the world were celebrating a few Greek Founders Days. Deltas & AKAs took over spreading their love for their organizations. First up were the devastating Divas  of DST that we all love so much. It happens every year. Those of us who arent Greek sort of just prepare for it.

What I wasnt prepared for was seeing one of the celebs we all love tweet that she wants to be a Delta. Took me by surprise!  She's a legend in the game, not aging, and is currently working on a biopic.. any guesses?? Check her candid tweets after the jump!

If you guessed Chilli, you guessed correct. Cute right?! I could see Chilli as a Devastating Diva...she loves God, handles her business, gives back to her community..that pretty much sums up most of the Deltas I know. That can still happen Im sure Chilli..

Chilli still has her line and is currently working on a biopic with band mate ( & sister) T-Boz with Vh1. It chronicles the epic career of her band TLC. Cant wait for that.

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